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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a dark night before a bright morning.

last night restlessly. surfed lately on cellphone. stranger haunted in the corridor. broken dreams. fell into sleep lately. woke up near 8am, went to office at once, and finally secured my 2 sim cards with new password after got the default password from the telcom's booth, which out of service for several times due networks failure. its again a bright day. roamed most time in morning, later talk to department director about my life, shown him family album. later he lets me stay in office in afternoon for crew of the information department of QRRS will install Internet access for me. praying God&sing his glory, sing for my ancestor who so attending my call for a well working environment in transit life. my girl zhou likely stayed in office like me, so i don't see her in rush crowd of QRRS. read awhile ebook, an biography of an prominant Germany philosophist, while waiting QRRS crews come over to install my Internet access. but they missing, to upset my good will&rent finding. till near 3pm&after the facing evil returned to office, when i left to computer market to buy baby son mouse pad he asked. also bought his mom a keyboard cover she wants. on the bus met a girl with clear eyes. - posted on 12/1/2010

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