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Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st note in countdown of hometown journey.

lingered in office while impatient for action of hometown journey. the company, QRRS, tried to block my plan to equip baby son a new dell notebook for his games while his dad absent from him, by defying withdrawing in advance atop the rich&meaningful travel while i penniless now, likely retreated from the promise i gained in my first contact with a high rank of the company. dog system of China surveillance tried to ruin my joy of the journey, but they doomed to fail.
hopefully i will launch in the last day of April, as scheduled&granted by God. God, let me leaving with my acer notebook, and baby equipped with his new toy, a dell Studio 思跃™ 14 (Studio14D-158), a best gift from baby's American pre-engaged. 
hope baby staying a happy life with all relaxation and business after the department while i enjoy sunburn in my hometown, central China. God, grant the glory and elation we deserve in this brave leaping operation.

chat continued with baby's mom, emakingir, via qq, a Chinese mainstream im yesterday.
6:00 PM me: here warren
  but the gmail tell ur system's video chat unavailable.
6:01 PM so likely ur video system ill working.
  ema: 还是一样
6:03 PM me: 是啊,可能是你本机系统的视频有问题。dell到手后我去你那里配置机器和游戏,直到解决为止。
 ema: 再说吧
 me: dell收到款后才进入流程,估计最长得一周。
 ema: 没事了
 me: 我可能提前去你那里收拾机器。
6:04 PM ema: 你有钱汇款么
 me: dell收货地址也是写的你家。
6:06 PM 我向公司要7000,要是有机会的话我就要8-9000.实在只有7000的话,管你和我弟弟各借1000.笔记本不到7100,我妈最近药费500,其它侯用。
 ema: 给你么
6:07 PM 钱还没到手你先花出去了
 me: 应该没问题。
 ema: 要是不给我看你拿什么副
6:08 PM me: 我找神的意志办。从不彷徨。
 ema: 我可没有能力资源你
6:09 PM 那让神给你吧
 me: 好了,登出了。

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