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Monday, August 16, 2010

posted a blog including recent photos last Sunday. dreamed of exile.

late sleep till 10am. posted recent photos&a blog entry for my sorrow and missing of my baby son, who also missing me&want more outdoor play&activities. posted recent photos&blogged in office alone. the monitor joined before lunch time&left after an hour. buzzed baby's mom lately near 4pm&found they haunting Fu-Mart&KFC. encouraged ema upon her proactive to bring baby into actions, rather than staying home&watching animation online or TV. after dinner in dorm canteen, rest in sunshine on bench in dorms garden, till shadow cover my lap. continued bathing in sunset in my dorm which on 3rd floor&facing the west. bought fruits after roamed outside. enjoy a banana on bench in garden, watched a group of boys and girls playing badminton in front me. God, blesses my baby son, rid him of boring or missing of absent like his dad, me. enrich him every moment with fresh idea&meaningful activities. after a month i will hopeful see my girls, like girl Zhou once in QRRS, and the girl i met on train returning to Qiqihar from my second hometown journey. its a bright day today, even in sunset i can see the milk clouds missing for days in mid sky. in night roaming in dorm, reviewing my situation. baby&his mom showered when i buzzed in. i listening music till went to bed near 9:30pm. in dawn, dreamed QRRS, my once&long time employer, and campus, represented by the Zhou, a high rank in QRRS, and a tall male math teacher in my junior middle school, expressed that they want me to leave. i felt evils drive behind the scene. then my collage alumnus, a girl, told me i was narrowly chosen to stay to learn, when we studying physical and mathematical ways to describe close shape. its a bright morning, when i got up exactly 6am.

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