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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

a night reunited with baby son&Asoh Yukiko.

yesterday sees my elation with game "medal of honor". left office with another bonus from web&in time for dinner in canteen. the web answered via google our problem in a game "lost horizon", can't help buzz baby when roamed outside after dinner about the solution for the mission in the game. but baby refused to talk to me. last Sunday dusk he shown reluctance to let me leave, after a full day's gaming on notebook. so i sensed baby missing me. near returning to dorm, i decided to visit baby&stay with him a night in his mom's house. God grants my action. on the last bus, a girl student shown me her tenderness, which aggravates my sole energy of presence. baby was attended by his mom on his homework when i arrived. i waited silently aside till he join me with the game "lost horizon", in which he insisted longer than i expect to play. then i shown him game trailer of "medal of honor" which quite refreshing him, among his mom's complain of sleep. the night i slept alone in baby's room&almost sleepless. dreamed of Asoh Yukiko&love making. it took more time to satisfy us in the dream. also dreamed a hometown girl graduate. in dawn, talk to baby while he on bedroom, that his everyday can not be more perfect, &my single task to expand our family. join office in bright sunshine. God, bring me my new family to cater to baby's growth, God, i need peace&luxury of family in new set.

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