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Friday, December 03, 2010

a day in mourning without regret.

yesterday again saw brutal attacks. the sins in office challenged a lot, the dying monitor again kicked/smashed the door to show blood-thirsty. in the morning baby's mom buzzed me, for my elder sister informed her my mother in hometown, central China, left the world. my first response is why she didn't inform me directly, for she knew we lived apart. all the day i didn't call hometown relatives. before work time over, i met the daughter&second son of my second elder brother's online, got know my mother died on Dec 1, 2010, in the morning. even i long time decided&let my mother known i wouldn't join her funeral, but the second brother promised me month ago that if mother's health worsen he will buzz me. it turns clearer that the folks in hometown conspired to deprive my heir under my parents. in the night i in usual peace&light heart. woke up near 6:12am, &join canteen for breakfast. now i see redden sunrise in sky over horizon. God, bring me my girl zhou, bring me my 2nd son with my Japanese Crowned Queen. bring me my Taiwan girl, who will give birth of my 3rd son. give my girl zhou a twin of ours in coming marriage. God, dad, bring peace&hope on ur land in central China, among ur old family that scatters.

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