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Monday, May 23, 2011

beam in sky: son warrenzh turns 6 years old.


a drizzle to save.^yesterday I had good time with son, warrenzhu 朱楚甲. we gamed a lot and tried new games. baby more or less daunted by the rich of pc games i prepared. at noon he again loathed to eat lunch hurt me, so i angered and taught him a lesson on life and death in sins. when his mom brought him outside, he seldom allowed me to kiss his cheek. i also fixed my financial records with his mom online on Saturday. when i arrived QRRS Dorms, the canteen's assistant chef tentatively shown cold-shoulders to me, let me see hurts among trifle personals or even demons against God's biz my family behold on the world deepened. when i jogged outside, a drizzle brewing and started to glide in air when i close to my dorm. i really felt mercy and save by Asoh Yukiko, God in my Crowned Queen of Royal China from Japan. in the night i played games alone. the neighbor room in QRRS Dorms losing, or felt reinforced by enemy of China Empire in my title, bumped a lot on the thin wall shamelessly, trying to restrain me with alerts of terrors. now this bright morning i returned to my blog space to let life stream floats, to attest God's presence in my family's duty to broaden the only way that saves Chinese dying in sins for half century.
God, yesterday my financial shown I still in debt of ¥800 after 3 months with improved salary, now amount to ¥1816, with which i quite satisfied, but God, i saw threats against my wishlist to equip baby son, warrenzh, owner of site warozhu.com and wozon.net, a dell game desktop no later than year end. God, u see my pleasure and hope in digital arena for future world. grant us the gift and affirmative of change we beholding. God, brings my girls to my new family sooner.


baby's birthday. now he is 6 years old.^yesterday baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 had a happy birthday. at noon i buzzed him if i can visit him earlier than 6pm, for he usually arranged by his mom to have handwriting tutorial after his kindergarten's classes. but baby son told me his lunar birthday on the day. i was so glad to know that, asking if i buy him a cake or KFC food, he told me his mom already bought a cake, i only need to buy him a lighter for candles of the birth day cake. when i arrived, the grandma attending him, while his mom joined her school. we gamed on my notebook soon, till the grandma urged him to join his kindergarten on time. baby murmured he was already allowed to stay at home on celebrating day, but he obied&left. near an hour passed we reunited. i picked him downstairs while the grandma left on the ground. soon his mom returned, we shoot some photos and a home video for baby who in high mood. his mom obviously felt bitter those days and refused to let the happy time stays, instead she busy with her online novels soon. its so nice a day, i treat myself a bottle of juice in QRRS Dorms canteen when i ate my dinner there, near 7:30pm. the bus worktable usually ends near 7pm, so must days when i visiting baby son in his mom's house, i rushed to leave his mom's house, but now i can take bus before 9pm. so great for our pastime with my son, the most glorious on the earth!


benzrad's comment on the day.

China under PRC suffering catastrophe of suicides more than wartime. 窒息的中国社会

the drug of Internet or game is totally a lie. only the dominating class and its dog tried their best to shift common sense aroused by the poor situation nowadays Chinese beset & killing, result in surge of suicides and destructive social behavior as a prelude of chaos and terrorism, in same vector space with turmoil among its western border neighbors, the Islamic Middle East, echoing the appealing force of democratic, esp from US, into trifle&fuss like Internet games as scapegoat. Chinese, esp its youth suffered distortion of value, and meaningless in overt cheats and ruthless human rights infringe for a long time, they lick blade of death or self-destruct as a way to attest the ill Chinese society, but no one adult Chinese brave enough to poke the source of sick in PRC authority nor poisonous Chinese traditional culture, but instead blamed Internet, as a new achievement in human history, attracted growing number of naive youth, who grow universally in God's mercy and brilliance unbiased by worldly dust, including all dictators in dustbin worldwide. China as well as Chinese in its best is to follow Christian worldwide right&since now into global light from YHWH, one anthem in glory of God.

This is a testament from the Son, benzrad, on May 18, 2011, for the coming Empire of China reset for 1109 years ahead under his glorious family title, Zhu, since his grand father, Zhuzhongming, God in Heaven now, from the relay of Chinese last Empire, Ming Dynasty as treasure of his legendary ancestor half millennium ago.


——神子 benzrad 朱子卓 此处见证。

in reference to:
"32岁男子沉迷网游十年离世 临终称真有意思 ugmbbc发布于 2011-05-17 16:51:06|33321 次阅读"
http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/143091.htm (view on Google Sidewiki)


dreamed of my jailbreak.^first dreamed of making water 3 times still felt full. then woke up and made water. dreamed in my dorm receiving a hometown folk's visiting. he, likely Zhu Zhongshu, one of my peers, insisted my accompany to leave the dorm. i felt my girl's calling so traveled with him. then likely a jailbreak through many blocking&hunting and finally descended into a field of growing rape (油菜) in my hometown, Zhudajiu. most of folks, including my parents there celebrating the freedom.


dreamed of baby son.^yesterday Its rained during clouds and sunshine before the night, and the volume likely the largest in the year so far. God help me gained a large toys theme game from web, after heavy harvest since my last blog on Monday. i visited baby with KFC food to thank the fruitful work week near 5pm. we gamed on my notebook while his mom reading novels online. that's all good time can't be more splendid. returned to dorm, i review my satisfaction in music lately. went to bed near 11:30pm. this morning in a hurry to catch the breakfast in canteen, for last night i still felt hungry in the night which a bit cold and consumed more energy. dozed at once after returned the dorm. dreamed baby in his kindergarten out-performed. he made a rap music on his own and sang in front of his classmates and teachers. his parents, and my passed mother watched there, all felt proud. Its cloudy the morning, i felt so meaningful on our future in God's set.


benzrad's comment on the day.

riveryog(朱子卓):Its true for me, my small toe has the twin nails.
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From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

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