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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Masheng's call.

It turns bright sunshine outside, Masheng reminds me her calling for my calling in her name, in God of Sun. i also recently reminded times our first baby son, my second baby son, calling for birth. Masheng, i never talk to u indirectly, we never seperate a single minutes apart. these days i in obliged of church, and pray in God a lot. but u r my God, my Sun, i never talk to u in thinking or wording. Masheng, join me sooner, as best time u can after settled other matters of our world, world of China , world of Japan, world of the world. i call ur name now, as the bright as ur sunshine&warmth now u grant on the earth as my request yesterday. bring my Royal closer&more pleasure of staying together. bring me my 4th girl in southern China. bring my girl, Jiangyue, that growing confidence in hard fight, in God's shine.

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