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Monday, February 08, 2010

a snowing night.

last night my cellphone called me twice after i went to bed. i was remind the call of my secod wife, from Japanese Royal, Masheng. God sees our important moment in my growing Royal of China. Masheng, u know my girl zhou is a greatly merited girl, she is considerate and very noble. pl rid me worry of dirt upon her as well as my Royal, heal me the poison of insulting scene last night. u know the saint and purity of my Royal means much, u know the glory untouchable of God and his son's family in holy. u just my claim of my 3rd wife, my girl zhou's being my long time searched and waited Crowned Qreens of China, my life long wife. u know what my vision of my family life and the merits my beloved have. attend and kill dirt around my girl zhou, Masheng, u listen to me. arrived office soon after got up before 8am. post tweets. enjoy fruits of family new sites with amplify.com, and fine tuned my chrome to access them easier. let download&catalog some cliparts asset from web&backup a dvd. then prepared again virtual win xp on my hosting win7, for my hardware don't support microsft native vxp, i had to try 3rd part tool&finally settled it. sorted portable suite. left office after 5pm&dined with beef pies. don't attend local church's preach for the clerk shown cold shoulders to me yesterday. felt God never hustles me, so i have the last say upon my life. listening music in dorm in night.

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