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Thursday, September 02, 2010

dreamed of Chinese Kong Fu, or Taoism.

yesterday is busy. after work time the facing sin again stayed in office till i left before 6pm. after daily exercise, ie. rest on garden bench, jog around the front space of QRRS, rest on bed&dozed, till a neighbor guy visited. later dropped him a visit but nothing special. in dawn dreamed of a girl from working class with me join a Chinese Kong Fu class, whose tutor in fact a fake Chinese kongfu master. i left earlier, but years after when i met the girl, she told really Chinese Kong Fu means, there r real breath method, space orientation rules, etc. she reinforced quite a lot by the practice. she got the fake master's baby but finally left the cheating person. after work up, i see God's way no other but my way, only i gifted with the real source of mightiest&timeless&most glorious. but God offers many ways to show human the source of life&supernatural.

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