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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

enjoying hot summer days: benzrad's tweets before baby son's birthday.


baby's birthday today.^dreamed&loathed to get up. its a peaceful bright morning. preparing blog posting since jon my workspace. last night talked to baby&his mom, emakingir, online, about my gift for baby son. i entrust ema to let baby choose his favorite cake, for which i offer a budget of ¥120-¥180, but ema said she is not sure if her timetable allows. baby, warrenzh, owner of domain warozhu.com, 朱楚甲, happy birthday!


sunny morning.^dreamed of fearfully managing to setup a business. dozed awhile after breakfast in the shallow of sunshine aside my workspace. read since then, in my local music.
enjoy summer day now.^read most time. neighbors' babble lets me doze, but hostile in the last woke me up. chatted with Taiwanese friend online. its second hot sunny day since rains. life in countryside brings me lots of time in still, when i can see God clearer.
talked with folks in dusk, refined profile online in night.^visited village front plaza after dinner, which quite satisfying me, met a villager once worked in the county city&treated me in his company's canteen. talked quite some topics. then haunted the front fish pond. returned&met mother half way, chatted with her friend, an almost blind woman whose husband once worked with my dad for the community in Mao's era. watched TV about snake at home, sensed the evil around. in the night check family knols, refined my plaxo profile. the neighbor, who building their new house, hosted noise villager drank there all time when i done.

23/5/2010 visiting sister-in-law&her son.^last night attempted to export baby son's mom, emakingir's wordpress blog, but failed many times. then wife&son of my kid brother visited. they now lives in the county city. treated the cousin with pc games. in the night busy with sorting personal settings of chrome while at same time trying exporting blog, went to bed after 10pm.
settled family blogs' export&import.^finally got family blogs export, via blogger&convert into wordpress' wxr format, by a online service at http://blogger2wordpress.appspot.com , imported into family clogs, esp. baby's mother, emakingir's at http://emakingir.amplify.com .really a blessing sunny morning. hope my work, cost me more than 8 hours, rewarding.
taught lessons for kids in my passed dad, God's shine.^treated visiting village kids with games. missing baby son in God's shine&buzzed him. told his mom my works on blog importing for her. mother cooked a rich lunch for the visiting wife&son of my only kid brother, treated the nephew with animation online, taught folks some lessons in meal. dozed awhile after all left. posted recent tweets.
first sunny day after rains.^villager's kids gamed on notebook again, till near 5pm before they left. taught a weak boy always follow his elder sister a lesson, forced the boy cried&sat on ground. claimed family accounts with new etherpad sites, sorted bookmarks. taught mother another lesson when she attempted to show the peeking evils nearby that God's way is like a conspire, let her never stay in dark nor wrong doings. the demon doubting&reckon after dinner,amid the back neighbor celebrating their new house's setting cornerstone, so i haunted outside, walked first time to the road reaching out to main road of the community. chatted with baby&his mom online, via remote desktop updated her local bookmarks as well as her delicious bookmarks. its all time a brilliant sunny day.

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

an old house, likely now ditched.

visiting nephew, Zhuyi,朱轶, gamed on my notebook with his niece, 朱露西.

scenery Zhudajiu village, Mount Dabei and fish pond.

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