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Sunday, May 30, 2010

girl students in village tested me for appealing.

last night felt dirt around before sleep. this morning felt sleepy after got up. activated family box.net accounts' uploading emails&backup. treated visiting village girls with games. dozed again when they gaming, in dad's old house, where is cool while hot sunshines outside. created personal folder for family web store accounts. so glad to see sunshine resumed. dozed some time after noon. chickens woke me up to surf, till those girls, even more, visited. let them listening a song they likes. them gamed on my notebook near 5pm&left. hunted for resource to d/l. when mother cooking, i haunted outside in dusk. after returned home, doubting my age&my girls, as well as my new life in new marriages. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, about baby's coming lunar birthday.

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