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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sick and sin of mother.

read all day. mother fetched the granddaughter-in-law of my elder brother, a Hu, who is about 2 years old and likely lack of affection, to home to care, for elder brother family busy with field harvest. cared download. at noon got the idea that equipped myself with a portable harddisk. buzzed my youngest elder sister&got her promise of lend me the money. mother complained of sick of too many shits, bought some medicine late afternoon. i haunted outside after dinner, chatted with a worker of state grid but lives in the village. mother again surveillant me&urged me to return home early when i in chat. in night her sick view of personal affection or love shown itself, which quite sinful as God informed me already, to me. God, dad, i never waste a second on the dark in my mother's soul, i linger here for u, for my new life with my girls, esp. girl zhou, my 3rd wife, and my second wife, Masheng, never let me fail in peace on ur lovable land, Zhudajiu village.

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